Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturdays are for visiting with friends

With this being a week before vacation I was scrambling the second part of the week trying to get loose ends taken care of at work and such.  With it being Ash Wednesday this week that evening was completely gone because after religious ed I took my son to get his ashes for the first time. It went well.  I'm bummed that I wasn't able to get a photo of his forehead with the ashes on.  By the time we got home the ashes were gone.

This was the view of the sky when I picked my son up from latchkey.  Beautiful.

I honestly can't remember Thursday. I may have come home and just vegged on the couch until it was bedtime. We are currently listening to "Outpost". We are not enjoying this book nearly as much as the first.  Too much "sparking".

Friday I did a mad dash at work to get as much done as possible for publishing Monday since I wouldn't be there and it would be my coworker's first time going at it alone.  I think I left things in good standing.

Today. ... Well, today was a good day.  I woke up to the sun shining bright.  The temps were up and I got to meet up with a friend.  That was great.

When I got back home my guy was working in and around the broken shed.

We were extremely lucky in that nothing was damaged inside. This morning my dh tore off the roof.


Inside looking out.

Looking over the top of the wall.

I spent some time with the big girls and roo today. I think they have spring fever.

I opened up the little door to the pen and no one was really adventurous enough to go outside. Two of the hens did go out far enough to eat the snow that was in the chute.

The babies are still doing good. Though I'd say they are officially out of the cute baby phase and most certainly in the gawky teenager stage.  They no longer have cute little baby chick poos. They eat a LOT and they are now scratching pretty industriously. If you take them and let them sit on your lap or shoulder they do sit still and snuggle in and fall asleep. 

I have no plans yet for the week off.  The weather sure looks promising. 

We did make a trip to Menard*s and picked up a few items for the rebuilding of the shed.  Can't do too much work since we still have 4 feet of snow. 


Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Meeting up with my friend D today.  It was a great visit.

2. The temps were in the 20s today.  It was great to see snow melting and the sun shining.

3. We hit almost 1,000 watts with the solar today. Most likely more than that but we got the picture of 985 watts.

4. Siri GPS on my phone.  I feel like I can go anywhere now!

5. Homemade hot chocolate


Mali S. said...
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Kelsbels said...

How great that you and D got to meet up today! And I can't wait for the warmer weather we're supposed to get tomorrow!

(That was me with the deleted comment. It was in Mali's account) :/