Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I wish mother nature would make up her mind

No snow, now snow, lots of snow, not as much snow.  Currently no snow is coming down.

We were supposed to get around a foot of snow starting today and going through tomorrow.

I had about two inches of snow on my car this morning when I went out to start the car.

Work was a quiet affair today.  More office shuffling going on. 

At lunch time today I visited my MIL for a bit.  I saw CeeVee lazing on the couch and decided to snap a few photos of her.

She was too lazy to hiss at me.  I even got to rub her belly for a bit. 

I left work early because of the weather and I am glad I did.  The backroads were kind of gnarly.  White everywhere and was hard to see the side of the road.  

We let the babies take turns being out of the tote.  Here's the white one.  She's got flecks of black all over her body.  She's also the one that goes toe to toe with the little boy roo. 

All it all it's been a quiet evening at the homestead. I got the new PLY magazine and I flipped through it but I haven't dug into it yet.  Since I haven't had an interest in spinning with silk it will take me a bit to get into this issue. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I didn't have to cook supper tonite

2. Listening to audio books. 

3. The look my guy gives me after playing a word on words with friends.  He skunks me so bad on that game but I was able to get a 60 point word and catch up to him. 

4.  I renewed my subscription to PLY magazine tonite. 

5. Spring is in TWO days.

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