Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow -- Squirrel!

I'll admit it, I'm feeling pretty moody about this most recent snow that has graced our area.  This morning it took me an hour to bring my son to latchkey and come back home.  An hour! It should have taken no more than 35 minutes on a regular day.

One of the roads in particular was SO bad. We got at least eight inches since yesterday.  Not enough to really do anything about it and so everything was white. I couldn't see the shoulder of the road and was nervous to go too far over for fear of getting pulled into the ditch.  This morning I did see that someone went into the ditch last night.

White as far as the eye can see

 Then the sky was completely overcast.  That didn't help the mood either.

I look over and the whole landscape is covered in snow.  It would be pretty if it was the first snow of December. 

I wasn't the only one on the road that was hugging the center line either. 

Today was my work at home day and I spent of of my day staring at my computer and trying to go through the electronic pile of stuff that needs to be put in the paper. Not easy this week.  Even as I type I think I forgot a few things.

Over my lunch hour I cleaned up the baby chick's living area aka tote. I gave them some rice to snack on and they seemed to forgive me taking them out of the tote and sticking them in a box while I cleaned out the pine shavings.

While I was in the kitchen and making myself a snack I looked out the back window and saw one of the resident squirrels eating out of the bird feeder.  Seeing how it's been such a hard winter on the critters I didn't try to shoo him off.  If it had been the suet holder I would have chased him away.  But this was sort of amusing.

I think this was my best shot. 

Pretty neat that they can hang by their toenails.

Then, when I went to go pick my son up from latchkey the roads were clear.  You'd never know that they had been covered in the morning.  The temps hit over 32 degrees F.

Smooth sailing

In other news for the day: I put an order in for five baby chicks.  Americanas which lay the blue eggs. They will be delivered April 16.  I'm so stoked! Perhaps by then the current babies could be out in the coop.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I didn't go in the ditch today

2. Tomorrow is  the first day of spring

3. As of yesterday's post I've written 400 posts on my blog.  That is so cool to me.

4. Weekly dinner with my little man.

5.  Baby chicks.

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