Monday, March 10, 2014

What a beautiful day

I had a bit of a hard time getting up this morning thanks to daylight savings.  But man, it was great to wake up and have the temperature already be in the 30s F at 7 a.m. Awesome!

Ran to town this a.m. to take care of some things.

When I was at Wal-mart looking for a snow shovel I ran across this.

How cute!

 We got back home and was able to spend part of the lunch hour with my guy.

Then I went out and cleaned out the chicken coop.  It wasn't smelly or dirty in there, just really damp.  So ... time to shovel out the old pine shavings and spread the new ones.

The chickens were not too thrilled with me and were either trying to stay on the little bit of pine shavings left or jump up on the nesting box.

I opened up the door to the chicken run and gradually scooted them out there and then put the piece of wood back up so they couldn't come back in.  They were not pleased.

They did not know what to make of outside. They certainly didn't wan't to walk on the snow. They mostly hung out in the chute until Brewster realized he could knock the wood down.

I wasn't able to get a clear shot of him. After he knocked the wood down he gave me the evil eye and waited until I told him it was okay to come back in. 

Later on in the afternoon my guy went to check on them and reported that all the chickens were out in the run, so they got over their fear of snow pretty quickly. I'm sure they LOVED being outside. 

When I first started this blog post the babies were cheeping real cute and cooing a bit.  Now I think they are tussling. I hear indignant chirps and wing flaps.  I think they are starting their pecking order or something.

Tonite when I went to tuck the chickens in it was still SO nice outside, temp-wise. I stood out there for about five minutes and took it all in: The quiet, the stars, the moon with it's halo, hearing the snow melting and dripping off the roof.  I bet I could have stayed out there for an hour.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. The gorgeous weather today. 

2. I had the windows open for a short bit today.  I love exchanging the air. :-)

3. Seeing my girls and roo outside.  

4. Chatting with a friend tonite. Haven't got to chat with that friend in quite some time. 

5. I can't believe I hadn't mentioned this but my guy made beef jerky on Sunday.  Oh WOW is it good.  There's only two pieces left. I've hidden them so no one else can get them. :-)

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