Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome March, be kind

March seems to be coming in like a very cold Lion.  So far it feels just like January.

The last couple days have been fairly calm and nothing too exciting so I figured there was not point in writing, even though I told myself I'd be doing daily 5 each days.

I'm feeling much better, thankfully.

As what seems to be the norm for the weekend activities, we cut and split more wood.

We've got a pretty good system going and I think it's been pretty efficient. We've made some good progress.  

My DH figures we are about halfway through the main pile.

Hard to really tell anything with all the snow.  Slow and steady we are going.

Today my little crow decided she wanted to jump up to the top of the tote and hang out for a while.

The babies are more than a month old now.  They have just a little bit of down left.

I went and hung out in the coop for a bit. 

When I pull out my phone to take pics or make a video, Brewster thinks it's time to put on a show.

He's such a good boy.  He takes good care of *his* girls. 

Red was surveying what everyone else was doing.

Brewster showing off his pipes

Blackie thinks Tailed-Red is hogging the best nesting box.  She had tried to horn in, but Tailed kicked her out.  

Here's my Junior, still trying to prove she's a big shot. 

I guess Elvis thought there was something good under the feed bin.

I still haven't figured out what's up with White Cheeks.  Yes, the white stuff on the walls is frost. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Homemade bread with peanut butter and grape jelly.

2. Audiobooks. We started listening to "Enclave" It was something I sort of randomly checked out from the library today. So far, so good. 

3. Knitting was done.  Slowly but surely, my shawl is shaping up nicely.

4. Getting to watch Amazing Race tonite.  CBS was coming in just great.

5. How pretty the stars are.

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