Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sticking close to home

Today I stuck close to home. The weather wasn't quite as nice as yesterday but there was still lots of melting going on.  I am loving it.

I got to spend the first couple hours of the a.m. in relative quiet while my son slept in.  I watched a show that I found on YouTube about gardening. "The Victorian Kitchen Garden"  It helps scratch the gardening itch while I still have three-four feet of snow on the ground.

I noticed that one of the resident squirrels discovered the bird feeders.

I don't think it will be able to pull down the suet cake holder or pop it open.  I'm wise to them guys.

Right now I think there is three squirrels that hang around the back yard.

The chickens enjoy being able to pop in and out to the chicken run whenever they want now.  It seems like they still don't know what to make of the snow.  Today I went out there with a bit of scratch and I shook the jar and my Wynadotte came running out of the coop.  She is my greedy gut when it comes to treats and food.  She is *right there* and she follows the container like a dog and never lets it out of her sight until you drop the goodies.

My big project for the day was to shovel around the shed so there is room to work around the base and not be in the four feet of snow and trying to work 

The snow is like concrete now. Very heavy.  After a while I went and purchased a new snow shovel because the one we have is broken and the other shovel has an aluminum head and the snow kept sticking to it. 

While I was shoveling I found a deceased mouse and scared myself.  I also hit a green bucket.

Oh the things you find when you are digging in the snow.  I couldn't remember what it was at first until I pulled it out.

Ah, yes, it is a bucket of chicken poo manure that we picked up last summer at Menard*s.  It was really ripe and that's why we stuck it in the bucket and put it far, far away from the house. 

 Do not open until ?

Once I finished the one side I started the other.  The snow was deeper and more dense on the other side.  I also found the sled that I haven't seen for a couple weeks. 

There you are sled, I've been looking for you

 By that time I was really feeling it in my wrists so I couldn't get the back of the shed.  I'm sure my wrists will be paining me tomorrow.

So, no knitting for me this evening.  I did discover Ghostbusters I and II on Netflix.  The family spent the evening watching those. I haven't seen those movies in years.  What a walk down memory lane.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. The glorious sun

2. This song -
Jackie Wilson Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)

3. Having some time for myself this a.m. 

4. The propane tank was filled today. We got really lucky with the fuel this year. 

5. Opening a fresh brick of bread yeast.

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