Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enjoy the silence

Today was quiet day.  It was quiet at work, mostly quiet at home. It was *really* quiet when I went out to tuck the girls in for the night.  I realized that there was no wind, no outside sounds. Nothing.  It was very eerie. 

Can you think of the last time there was no sound?  I can't. I recommend doing it.  It really tunes you in, if you know what I mean.  I used to do it more often but not so much the last few years. It has to be more intentional nowadays for me.

At work I finally got my new chair.  It's great to sit down and not have the whole chair lower because the hydraulics are busted.  It's a really nice one too.  All leather and has some nice cushioning on it. It also has arm rests. Why?  I told some coworkers because it helps me feel like a queen. Ha ha!

After picking up my son at latchkey he jumped in the car and cracked open his minecraft book. I managed to snag a photo when he wasn't looking.

Tonite I got a box of sniffies from a friend that had a scentsy party.  I didn't get to the party but she was nice enough to let me take the scents home tonite.  I burned my poor nose from sniffing it all.

I did manage to whittle down the selection even more after this.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. A new chair at the office.

2. Work at home day tomorrow

3. We got the wood pile covered up before the impending snow that is to start tomorrow sometime.

4. Snuggle time with my guy.

5. Seeing my son read on the way home. It always warms my heart to see him read. 

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