Monday, March 3, 2014

The winter will never end ...

Today I woke up to temps in the negatives.  When I left for work it was -27 according to my car temp. gauge.

When I left work it was snowing.  Bah!

I'm almost to the point of throwing a hissy fit over all this snow and cold. No one can ever try to tell me they know cold.  *I* now know cold. I'm feeling like it will never get warm again.

In other news we had the Mardi Gras potluck at work today.  Everything that was brought was yummy and I don't think there was as many leftovers as some where hoping.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. People enjoyed the dish I brought to potluck.

2. I have a zucchini cake tonite. 

3. Seeing the baby chicks enjoy rice. 

4. I filled my gas tank before the price went up 10 cents per gallon.

5. Next week I go on vacation.

1 comment:

Mara said...

I hear you on the cold. Well, sort of at least. It hasn't been THAT cold here but I'm still freezing. all. the. time.