Monday, March 17, 2014

First day back at work

Today had a bit of a rocky start to it.

I managed to misplace my keys.  I realized this, oh about 15 minutes before I had to leave.  I could NOT remember where I was when I took them out of my pocket.  I was looking in all the usual spots.  My DH asked if maybe I had the keys when I went to Menard*s yesterday.  I kept insisting that I hadn't. 

He saved my hide this a.m. He went out to the truck, where I swore up and down that they couldn't possibly be.  Yup, there they were.  He's my hero!

Got to work and they have already started the office shuffling. Nothing quite like coming back to work and things aren't they way you left them.  Thankfully my office is staying in place.  So is my coworker's.

I had many, many, *many* emails to go through, lots of voicemails and lots of office gossip to catch up on. Well, not so much on that last bit, but I did have to catch up with the office people.

There are a couple African Violets in my office.  Today I finally brought them home so I could re-pot them.  I think they look much happier. I've got four lamps in my office, and then the overhead lights.  People have commented that they are impressed that I have things growing in my office.  I tell them all that I have full spectrum bulbs. 

In one of the plants I have a little bird plant decoration.  This little guy came from a plant that a coworker gave to me before she went on vacation.  It's such a sweet little thing.

Speaking of birds.  Here's my babies! They are SO big now. I really do wish it was warmer outside.  I had my little crow boy out for a bit this evening and he was checking everything out, while sitting on my arm.  They need some room. Unfortunately they were born at the wrong time of year. 

They are fully feathered out now.  They are taking turns hanging out on the tops of the waterer and feed dishes.  They just aren't ready to be with the big girls or be outside the house. So, a few more weeks.  My DH confirmed tonite that we should get five more chicks for the flock. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. My DH found my keys and was my hero this a.m.!

2. I didn't have nearly as many work emails as I feared I would.

3. My African Violets are re-potted and I have proper food for them so hopefully they will flower soon. 

4. All the tin from the old shed is now gone. 

5. The root beer is ready to drink :-)

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