Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another day chucking wood

This morning was another fun morning of chucking wood.

Do you see this stack of wood?  There is something special about it.

This stack of wood was split using solar power.  Cool huh?  The log splitter was plugged into the solar power inverter-thing (I'm so good with the technical stuff) and the sun was out this a.m. and it kept up.

This was one of the biggest logs that was split today.  It was either 16 or 18 inches. We have yet to put something on the splitter that it can't split.

I got a replacement sled for my son to use.  Meanwhile, my guy put a pallet on the wooden sled and that helped immensely for me.  I can stack *way* more wood on it.

Typical haul when I filled up the sled. 

We got a system down.  My son was hauling the wood up to me and I was stacking.  When I caught up I would run my sled down, load it up and drag it back to the stack.  While we were doing this my DH was cutting *more* wood into pieces that were ready for splitting, and that is currently stacked up in the garage, ready to go for tomorrow.  At the end, we loaded up the back of the truck and backed that up to the storage area.  It was real slick.

We stacked quite a bit today. I don't know if it was as much as last Saturday.

I think the new stack is 16 feet long.  My guy will let me know for sure.  Meanwhile, the highest part of the stack was around six feet tall.

After that we went to town and went to a restaurant for a late lunch.  The experience was less than ideal.  I don't think I will be going back there for a while.

On the way to town it started snowing. Boo!

When we were heading back home a trio of deer crossed the road in front of me.  We managed to get a shot of two of them.

Which reminds me that I haven't seen the twin deer that were with mama deer back in the fall.  I worry a bit about them since this has been such a cold winter and it was their first on their own.  I'm pretty sure mama deer got taken by a hunter.

It was decided that Elvis was to go back to the coop today.  I think her "Welcome Home" was less than ideal but I know they will all adjust. The babies seem to be fine for the most part.  We now have them under a heat lamp.  

The babies discussing where mama Elvis went.

"Mama, are you over there?"

We have since learned that they are little experts when it comes to dirtying up their water.

After a while they were cheeping up a storm so we decided to snuggle with them a bit. Two of them hung out in my DH's hoodie.

They are just over a week old and they have feathers.  I'm still boggling over that.

Here's one of the babies snuggling in my hoodie.  Their little nails are as sharp as a kittens. 

No knitting was done tonite.  Just didn't feel like it.

And I see that we are under some sort of weather advisory.  Which tells me 1. The temps are still up and 2. More snow. Grrrr.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today
1. Getting to snuggle the babies today.  
2. Homemade chili cheese fries. 
3. Once again my son was a great help with the wood stacking. 
4. We used solar power to split all the wood today.  Free power!  Woo hoo!
5. Lunch with my boys.  

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