Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beautiful skies and road trips

Here's the sunrise at about 7:30 a.m. today.  I used instagram to give this photo a pretty effect.  The sun shining showing through the trees was pretty spectacular.

Then about 9 a.m. this was the sky in the front of the house. A very beautiful and vivid blue.

More wood was split and hauled this a.m. It was a smaller haul so it took no time at all to split.  Today we used the truck to haul the wood from the garage to storage and and it took three trips and we were all done by 11 a.m.  Woo hoo!

Soooo, since we got the wood taken care of so early we decided to head to Rice Lake for some grocery shopping.

On the way back I thought to take some photos.  This was just outside of Rice Lake.  Same beautiful clear sky. 

Here's by Spooner. There is usually train cars somewhere along the stretch of highway that goes past the town.

This is just outside of Minong.

For anyone that eats Jack Link's jerky, here is it, on the hoof.  That's a herd of cattle on the hillside.

After we got back and since the temps were still pretty decent I went out to the coop and mucked out what I could.  I think the chickens didn't know what to make out of it.  It's been a while since I've been able to clean in there.  I also got it so that the door can be opened all the way. 

"Thanks for the clean digs!"
This was also a great time to "exchange the air" in the coop.  Chickens didn't seem to happy about cold air in there. They started flying up to the roost and I didn't dare try to clean out the nesting boxes.  One of them would be sure to drop a bomb on me.  So I went and got some scratch for them.

They dropped off the roost pretty fast.  The Wynadotte dive bombed the food bucket. Another landed on another chicken.  Brewster was so excited  that I couldn't get a decent photo of him. He was clucking and preening as if he had slayed the bag and filled the pan himself. 

My sweet little Elvis is currently sitting at the bottom of the pecking order. So she was scared to join the food orgy.  I grabbed a handful and gave it to her while she was sitting on the nesting boxes.  She weighs hardly anything so I don't want her to lose any more weight.

 I did see Elvis go after White Cheeks today. It was pretty aggressive, too. Considering how aggressive it was I'm wondering what's up.  While Elvis was eating she was making her mom cluck sounds.  I wonder if she thinks White Cheeks did something with her babies.

I told my DH that we need to keep an eye on White Cheeks.  She was acting a bit off while I was in the coop.  Walking away from the group, staring at corners and for a while she was just sitting in the middle of the floor.  Stuff that I don't consider to be normal.

The babies were pretty chill today. Yesterday my guy noticed that Grandma P *does* have feathers on her feet. Once he mentioned that I noticed that one of the babies has legs that are more off to the side like Grandma P than right under the body. 

I tried to adjust the color on this photo.  Since they are under a red light, it really messes with the images. 

See how chill they are? 

A couple hours ago they did have a rousing game of chase the one that has a crumb of food.  Good times, good times. 

No knitting today. No time. I've already accepted that I'm *not* going to get this project done during the Olympics.  I will just keep plunking away on it until it's complete.  Though ... if we do get the plethora of snow that is being promised this week, I make have some "bonus" time at home. 

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today
1. Finishing wood chores early today. 
2. Seeing the babies chase each other. 
3. A clean, sweet smelling coop.  
4. How beautiful the sky was today. 
5. Dr. Teal's Sooth and Sleep bubble bath. 

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