Thursday, February 6, 2014

More baby chicks

The two eggs hatched last night.  This morning there was an adorable little black chick and a white chick.

Naturally, they are sticking under mama for the most part.  We did seem them peek out a little bit and they are starting to show some interest in food. We hear Elvis making a deep cluck when she's eating but the babies don't really want to come out from their cozy spots under their mama.

This a.m. the gray one tried to get adventurous and check out the food dish.  Elvis decided that wasn't a good idea and brought the baby back to her.

Mama, let me do it.

This is from this evening.  It is *so* hard to try and take pics.  They duck and Elvis lowers her head. Little blackie discovered the food and was trying to eat.  

This tastes delicious!

And because I promised one of my coworkers, I made a couple videos.

Here I had my DH lift Elvis real quick so I could kinear a video.

The last egg is cracked.  You can sort of see it in the video.  My fingers are crossed that the final baby hatches tonite.  We are all super eager to see what this one looks like. 

 I just love seeing the one peeking out from under Elvis' wing.

Currently my son is sitting next the tote keeping an eye on the babies.  We are all already pretty attached to these little creatures.

1. I got home before dark.  I'm *loving* that the days are getting longer.

2. The sun was out and BRIGHT today.  I went out at lunchtime and was able to enjoy it.

3. Knitting *did* happen today.

4. Even better, Spinning happened today.  And in the craft room.  I know!  Crazy.

5. I woke up to an inbox full of email alerts from Nimblestix.  Yesterday was an active day over there and I enjoyed all the conversations that were going on.  Another great thing about Nimblestix.  The potential for enabling.  I've been seeing all the wonderful photos of indie-dyed fiber and yarn.  Totally drool worthy and it's so easy to make it your own.  Just a click and it's yours.

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