Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First pictures of the baby chick

Today was my work-at-home day. It was great because I could keep an eye on Elvis and the baby.  It was bad because I could hear the cheeps of the baby and it was slightly distracting.

At one point I tried to catch a glimpse of the little cheeper and it was out from under mama, but Elvis shooed it into the corner, covered it and refused to look my way.  She is very much into the protective mama mode.

You canNOT see my baby.  It's mine, all mine.

I covered them up and let them sleep for a while because Elvis kept going on the defense when I walked past the tote.  I figured she could use a break and it would help the baby sleep a little. Elvis was trying very hard to keep baby under her wing.

After I took the towel off I managed to get a couple shots of the baby. Not ideal, but you can see what color it is.

I can't wait to snuggle that little fuzz butt.  Elvis won't let me near though.

 She's doing her best to protect her babies. She went after my fingers pretty good when I tried to clean out the tote. 

Good news!  Two more of the eggs are cracked and we could hear one of the babies cheeping.  Elvis is getting a bit more ... aggravated, I guess is the word.  She's moving around and making her momma buck-bucks. By tomorrow morning we should have two more babies.

This afternoon I braved the outdoors to check mail and thought I'd take a few pics of this dreary, hazy day.  Yes, it's still cold out. 

Massive log pile in the daylight.

This is the load of logs we got, in all it's glory. I'm hoping this lasts three to four years. Still need to find a place to store it all once it's cut and split. 

Boulder and baby pine tree near the front of the yard. 

Front yard

Picture of the sky.  No color whatsoever.
In other good news, the wood stove is in place.  Someone came and helped my guy move it indoors.

It is so cold out that almost two hours later the stove is still frosted up.  I can't wait til it's installed.

1. Knitting *did* happen today.

2. The baby chick is doing good so far. My son has taken to calling it "Cheeper." I think. Right now he's trying to take a picture of the baby for me.

3. The wood stove is in the house and sitting pretty.

4. I listened to a Pandora channel of mine that I haven't listened to in years.  The songs brought back happy memories.

5. Laundry is all caught up.


Kelsbels said...

The stove looks great! I love the base you two made. And the chick is so cute!

Kelsbels said...

The stove looks great! I love the base you two made. And the chick is so cute!

dianne paulson said...

I suppose I am considered an old Grand Hen now.Seem's like only yesterday I was a young chick!!!!

dianne paulson said...
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