Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy day to those that make an occassion of it! :-)

Saw this on FB and thought it was a bit fitting
I had forgotten what today was and when my guy and I heard "Happy Valentines' Day" on the news this morning we both looked at each other and he gave me some heartfelt words about how he loves me every day of the year and we don't need one day were we need to show each other we love each other.

It is true. We show each other how much we love the other person in dozens of ways each day.

For one, how many guys would spend 9-plus hours of work, come home and start snowblowing?

He was clearing a space so we have a place to haul fire wood tomorrow.  Yesterday as soon as he got home he jumped on the ATV and plowed the driveway.

My guy thinks of his family first and foremost and what will be best for us.  He puts in a full work week, then comes home and then easily puts in 15-plus hours a weekend working on stuff that will help us around the house.  It's this and a million other things is what causes me to fall in love with this man again each and every day.  He is a very dedicated family man. He also doesn't mind my ever growing yarn and fiber stash.  Oh and the coffee stash. Yes, I have a coffee stash.

So yeah ... we don't need one commercialized holiday to prove that we love each other. :-)

However, he did take me out to lunch today which was an unexpected surprise that I enjoyed muchly.

In other news ... I had to drive the truck to town to get more two-by-fours and pallets. I'm getting a bit more confident in my truck-in-the-snow driving skills each time I drive it. 

None of the lumberyard people were milling around so I couldn't get the pallets. 

I did get the two-by-fours.  I imagine my dh loves that he can send me to the lumber yard and pick out good lumber.  It's a learned skill.

While I was in the check out line I heard the customer ahead of me say that next Thursday is predicted to have a foot of snow come down. Have a mentioned that I'm tired of snow?  I am. We have no place to put it.  As the sales person said, if we want the warmer temps we may have to get used to the snow that comes with it.

The sun was shining today. It was so bright it was hard to see sometimes.  The rays felt good and the wind was calm. Couldn't tell what the temp was because I didn't think to check my phone. 

I was a bit later than usual picking my little man up at latchkey so I got a pic of the sun on the horizon.

Sunset scene with the church's plow truck. It just wouldn't be the same otherwise.
 I got to brag up the baby chicks today and show off a picture of them at work. No new photos of them tonite. They were pretty quiet all evening so I'm guessing they had a busy day.  Even Elvis didn't seem to keen on hopping in and out of the tote.  She did plenty of that this morning and managed to go to the bathroom twice on the towel we had laid out.  And she pooed on my blanket that I had over the tote. Not too happy about that, but it's my own fault for thinking it was a good idea.

I guess we won't be getting any more baby chicks later this spring.  Which is fine, I guess. If Elvis, and maybe White Cheeks, wants to be broody we will encourage it and let them brood.  My fingers are crossed that the next time this happens, it will be a little bit warmer out.

We did notice that the other gray baby has feathers or some sort of fuzzy bits on it's feet too.  It also had feathers on it's wings which amazes me.  I swear the chicks we got last year didn't have feathers for at least a month.

 On the knitting front.  Scant progress was made.  I've gotten into a new pattern section and even though I tried very hard, I wound up with a wrong stitch count.  I'm guessing I got distracted and knit one less stitch that I needed to.  No biggie though.  I don't think I've ever knit anything perfectly.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. My son has learned about Pig Latin. It's hilarious to hear him practice it.

2. I ran into my BIL today and had a nice convo and quick catch up.

3. Having LOTS of laugh at work today.

4. Texting with one of my friends tonite.  I freaked them out by quoting MXE. It was hilarious.  At least I thought so.

5. Being able to watch something on Hulu tonite with minimal hiccups. A minor miracle. 

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