Monday, February 24, 2014

First day back to work

Today was my first day back at work in what feels like forever, actually since last Tuesday. It was also publishing day. The day went pretty well, all things considered. Paper got done before 4 p.m.

My coworker and I were swapping blizzard stories and daydreaming about beaches and basically anywhere that is warmer than we are.

When I walked into my office I saw right away that one of my magnetic bulletin boards managed to break out of the frame, fall and crash. No major damage.  Not sure if it can be fixed.  Half a frame looks awful funny on my wall.

Anywho ...

I got home a bit late and I've mostly been taking it easy and doing some knitting. It's the dishcloth for the swap I'm in.

I did clean out the tote and put some fresh pine shavings in for the babies.  They were happy little ones when the discovered they had fresh stuff to scratch and take "baths" in.

They've managed to scratch a hole in the shavings and kick a bunch of it into their water. 

Still trying to figure out who the grey one belongs to. 

 The yellow one's black feather is getting more pronounced.

There was lots of cooing and happy chirps when they went back into the tote.  I think they are sleeping now.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I dropped my taxes off this afternoon.

2. Publishing day went pretty smoothly

3. How my little one's are enjoying their freshly cleaned tote.

4. Watching a program with Steven Hawking on it tonite. It was nice to watch something other than cartoons.

5. How long the days are. 

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