Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another hard day, but baby chick pics make it worth it

Today was another day full of splitting and hauling wood.

The guys went out at 6 a.m. and split wood for more than an hour.

We also made another video of the log splitter in action. 

This is the Homelite log splitter that we picked up at Home Depot.

I can't remember what time I went out and my son and I started moving wood from the garage to the storage area.

While I was thinking of it, I ran into the house and grabbed the camera to take a few photos.

This is what the log pile looked like from the outside. 

My DH cutting up the big logs for the second load to be split.

 "Why are you taking my photo?"

Getting ready to climb the pile a bit.

My son working hard.  When he noticed that I was taking photos he said "Hey! You aren't helping!"

This is a smallish load.  I used the wooden sled to haul wood.  My son used a plastic blue sled.  The plastic sled has split in half.  I hope I can find another sled somewhere.  Having two sleds going is pretty ideal.

Even though it was in the negatives this a.m. I didn't mind it.  I decided that I"d rather be doing this now than in the fall when I would have the chance to get hot and tired out faster.  Now, the harder I work I'm just more comfortable. I wasn't cold. 

Around lunch time we decided to head to Hayward.  After we came home and ate lunch we went back out and started splitting the second load and stacking it.

Meanwhile, someone came and delivered a load of seasoned wood.  So when we do get the wood stove completely installed we will be able to burn right away.

We wrapped up about 6 p.m.  I was tired, mostly tired of bending over.  My son was still in good spirits and my guy was tired and was ready to be done.

Earlier in the day I snuck back into the house and snapped some photos of the chicks. 

We can tell that the babies have already done some growing.  We can also tell Elvis is feeling a bit restless because she can't leave the tote.  She stretches her wings out and she's taking a "bath" in the pine shavings already.  She's also very interested when the towel is lifted and the whole thing is uncovered.  Yeah, she may head back to the coop sooner than later. I'm sure she will be happy to be able to stretch her legs though.  The babies may miss her. 

Currently we are watching the Olypmics. Specifically, the men's downhill skiing.  Those guys are flying!

Some knitting did happen today but I stopped before a section that required just a little bit more brain power than I have. 

I may pull out the wheel and do some spinning before bed tonite. 

1. We are done with wood for a week.  It will give my body a chance to recoup.  I'm just not used to this physical labor! :-)

2. Pistachios. So good! They hit the spot tonite. 

3. I'm so very impressed with how well and hard my son worked.  He made his mama proud! 

4. My big warm comfy  bed.  It's gonna feel good tonite. 

5. Getting to watch some Olympics tonite.


Kelsbels said...

I can't believe how much wood you guys have taken care of this weekend! You all worked very, very hard!

And the chicks are so cute! How long til you can tell if they're male or female?

Amnicon Studio said...

Thanks! I suppose we could find out now if they are boys or girls but we don't know how to check. I suppose I could look up a video. :-)