Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hunkering down for the blizzard tomorrow

Tomorrow is supposed to be "the big one." Well, that's what I'm going to call it.

Major snowstorm, white out conditions, no travel advised once the storm starts in the early afternoon.

I've already got the okay to work at home and schools are closed already.

So hard to believe that after two gorgeous days a blizzard is going to descend on the area and remind us that we are not in control OR the boss.

Yesterday right after work my DH went up on the roof and shoveled off a mess of snow.  This was in anticipation of the estimated 12 inches of snow we are supposed to get, starting tomorrow. I think there is three feet of snow up there already.

I opened up the coop and let the girls have a whiff of fresh air.  The air smelled so spring-like.  You could tell the chickens did not know what to make of it.  A few were curious and actually poked their head out the door, then stepped back and shake, as if to say there was NO way they were going out in the white stuff, no matter how nice it might feel outside. 

 View of my road.  It looks so wonderful and spring-like and fresh.  Snow was melting.  I have to remind myself that there will be many more days like this down the road.  I must be patient.

Sun shining through my trees out back.  Moments like this make me pause and reflect. They are perfect moments. 

Wood stacked and ready for the next log splitting. It really helps to have it all ready.  Makes the whole chore seem not quite as daunting. 

Tomorrow when the snow is falling sideways and the wind is whipping through the trees I'll look at these photos to remind myself that soon a day like this will be a constant thing.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Dinner date with my son before religious ed.  He talked my ear off about Minecraft but I was happy to listen despite not knowing what he was talking about.

2. Hearing Ted Nugent on the way home.  It's usually the same song and it helps keep me alert when I'm driving in the dark.

3. Being able to enjoy the sun and warm temps today.  It hit a high in the 40s F

4. My Betta fish is *still* alive. He is one tough fish.

5. Homemade dinner buns.  

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