Thursday, February 13, 2014

More snow

More snow today ... Blah is what I say ... It caused major traffic issues this a.m. Thankfully not on the highway I was on.

I got to work late and today was our meeting day.  Apparently I was a bit sassy today and "went for the jugular" when I had a few choice words about a certain group of people.  It was all in fun though. At least I think so.  I apparently was in a mood this a.m.

Roads were still a bit sloppy when it was time to go home.  When I started my car the temp gauge said 27 degrees F.  It's been a LONG time since I've seen that temp. Thought I better mark this for posterity.  One of the radio DJs commented this morning that we will probably get a ton of snow in our area. 

The sky was mostly overcast each time I was outside. When I stopped at latchkey I noticed the sun was trying to peek out.

The pine trees were sort of pretty .. 

This evening I helped my son put together valentines for school tomorrow. This year I bought him valentines that include finger mustache temporary tattoos. I felt very meh about the majority of the valentines for sale. 

Tonite my guy decided to take one of the chicks and "bond" with it.  He took one of our grey babies and tucked it into the hoodie of his sweatshirt.

Look at that little sweetheart. The baby stayed in the hood for quite some time.  When I was taking it's picture I noticed that it has feathers on its feet. *Squee* Though I have NO idea where it's coming from.  Elvis is the only one (that I can think of) that has feathers on her feet and this baby is NOT Elvis' baby. So the father might be our Sweet Baby Roo who passed away. I'm pretty sure he had feathers on his feet. Brewster doesn't have feathers on his feet.  (I'm pretty sure of this)

Here's a photo of the babies having a meeting. 

Knitting was done tonite.  I've made enough progress that it no longer feels like a blob.  However, I still had the stitch count wrong on one side, but I made it work. *sigh* I don't know how I'm causing the stitch count to go off.

I tried taking another photo of the night sky tonite.  The sky was *so* pretty.  

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. The warmer temps today.

2. I didn't have to fight the coop door when I went out to tuck the chickens in.

3. Tomorrow is Friday!

4. The plow blade on our ATV.  It has gotten a workout this winter. 

5. Caramel chocolate Doves. 

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