Saturday, February 1, 2014

January is D-O-N-E, done!

January couldn't be done soon enough! And what's more amazing to me is that I made it a whole month of posting every day.

This morning I woke up at 5 a.m. to my DH telling me that the pump in the tank wasn't working and that we'd probably have to make alternate party plans for today.  My son's birthday is today and we invited family over for lobster and steaks.  Why?  Because my son remembered he liked lobster and wanted it.  :-)

Well, the pump wasn't working, the tank was almost full, I'm freaking out on the inside because this was sure to be very expensive to fix.  Then, my guy had an idea and went out and checked something.  The pump works!  Hoorah!  Turns out the outlet went bad and he put a new one in.  My hero!!!!

Then we decided to tile the hearth for the woodstove.  Got the tile set and then finished getting ready for the visitors.

The meal was great, the company was awesome and many presents were exchanged. Elvis was cooed over.  My son made out like a bandit with the Minecraft stuff.

Once our company left it was realized that the mortar for the tiles was turning white.  Bah! So mortar was scraped and a trip to town was made for a gray grout. We've been working on that for the last couple hours.  I think I'm on my final wipe down. I hope so.  My fingers are starting to turn to prunes. 

Tomorrow pictures will be shared of the finished hearth. 

1. Without a doubt, my son's birthday. I'm still in awe of how quick the years have gone by.  I was looking at him today and he is growing like a bean pole.

2. Family coming over to visit and celebrate. They are always nice visits. This one was particularly neat because we met a refugee from Sudan. 

3. The tiling to the hearth is almost done.  We are one step closer to having this whole project done.

4. My guy saved us big $ today because he's so smart and capable.

5. That I have a dishwasher cause, dude, there was a lot of dirty dishes today.

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