Friday, January 31, 2014

No the roof wasn't leaking ...

Today I received a phone call from latchkey saying that my son got a boo boo.  He was sitting on a stool right next to a counter and bank of cabinets and managed to hit the back of his head on the edge of the cabinets.  Apparently it bled pretty hard and *might* have freaked the latchkey people out a bit. I was told he was sitting there and said "I think the roof is leaking," because he felt something wet on his neck.  Um, no, that's not water from a leaky roof.  I have a feeling that shirt is ruined.  It was pretty bad.  But you know how head wounds are.  It wasn't very big and didn't bleed for very long.

We were supposed to get our order of wood today but it didn't show up. Boo and hiss! It might come tomorrow but I'm not counting on it. 

No baby chicks yet. I'm kind of wondering what we are going to do with sweet Elvis once this is all over.  She's got a bare chest.  Will she survive out in the coop with her breasts hanging out? Ha ha ha.

Oh, the cupcakes were a hit at my son's school and he came home with five.  I'm sure he will make those disappear in no time flat.

Tomorrow family is coming over to celebrate my boys ninth birthday.  I think we are all set.   Gift is wrapped, homemade root beer is in the fridge and the main course is in the fridge. I'd say everyone is excited!

1. It's Friday and not only is it Friday, it's also payday. Yay!

2. I was able to leave work early and get all my errands taken care of  before heading home.

3. When I went out to the coop tonite to tuck them in I told the girls and Brewster that we had company coming tomorrow and to try and not mess up the place.  Then I heard a loud *plop* as if to say, "this is what we think of that"  Gotta love good timing.

4. When I got to latchkey I told my son "I heard we have to go to weenie hut general today" and he got all indignant and said "No we don't!"  (It's a Spongebob reference)

5. This song: 

When we started the house buying process for the homestead I got to experience all the fun with buying a house and the whole time my guy kept telling me that things would work out.  Then I started hearing this song *all the time.* It spoke to me and in a way reminded me of my guy doing all that he could to make the homestead my home. :-)  I love that man!

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