Sunday, January 26, 2014

No lazy Sunday afternoon for us!

Today we woke up early and headed to town before the snow really started coming down. We got the final tiles and odds and ends that were needed to make the base for the wood stove.  Course now I know that those are called "hearths" Oh, I feel so fancy now!

These are the tiles and the layout that we settled on.  Many combos were tried and I liked this the best. DH likes them too. :-)

The sides will be a combo of glass blocks and natural stone.

Here's the top of the hearth.  Just a few more tiles to place and ...

Stove is installed!

Just kidding!  Here is it.  Still on the back of the truck.

There was no way it was going to get hauled into the house. Not yet anyways.

Cold weather is here again.  Currently it's zero degrees F out with a -28 F real feel. The wind is just starting to pick up.

Tonite for supper we tried something a bit different on a recipe we've been using for a while; those "bombs" that call for biscuits in a can that are rolled flat and filled. This time around I made bread dough and rolled it out instead.  The consensus was the "bombs" are much tastier with bread dough.

These were made with hamburger, bacon, Swiss cheese and onions.

I also made zucchini cake for work tomorrow (if we go). My son asked if he could have a piece and he proclaimed it "yummy!" 

Last night after I posted my blog entry I went out to the coop to tuck the chickens in and shut the lights off.  The chickens were all still running around the coop so I topped off their food bucket and I decided to get some snow in the pan I keep out there and they went ape for it.  Brewster was making the "Hey girl,s look what I got for you" call and they had a chicken version of a food orgy, or something.  They swarmed the snow dish and were picking it off each other's beaks.

Elvis is still on her eggs.  She's getting plenty to eat and drink, I think.  She's also started her growling again if you get too close.

1. My guy found a recipe for an ice cream cake and I'm giving serious thought about making it for my son's birthday.

2. Hand knit socks.  There is something so warm and cozy about them.  I also can't wait to do one of those silly photos of my feet in front of the wood stove.

3. A lot of stuff got done this weekend.  I'm feeling very productive -- even though I didn't do even half of what my guy did. :-)

4. The Internet. Need I say more.

5. We are getting 12 cords of wood delivered within the next week.  The area where the wood will be stored has been snow-blown and it's ready to go.

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Kelsbels said...

LOVE the hearth tiles!