Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So over the cold. It can stop anytime soon

Woke up, once again, to temperatures in the negatives.

Look at that!  -27 F. This was when we left for school and work.  The windchill factor was in the 40s, I think.

Bah! *insert LOTS of grumbling about how (*&*^&^*%$E cold it is*

I checked the propane to see how much we had left in our tank.  It was last filled a week or two before Christmas.  To my surprise we are still sitting at around 50 percent.  Color me surprised.  Goes to show what a little extra insulation and turning the thermostat down will do.  Last fall we put more insulation up in the attic.  It has made quite a difference.

Work was fairly quiet today and I was able to tune some podcasts into the background and catch up on a couple.  I haven't listened to podcasts consistently for a couple months.  I've missed some, others not so much.  It's nice hearing others talk about their knitting.

This evening I did a little bit of spinning and spun up about half an ounce of BFL.  I practiced my long draw a bit.  Long draw is still pretty amazing to me.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and I realized that I haven't read a book yet this month.  One of the things I wanted to do this year was read more, in addition too all the other things. So I decided that I would read the first book listed on my kindle. 

The Cana Mystery

The Cana Mystery

I got this book when a press release about it came to my office.  It was being offered as a free download and it did sound interesting.  As of today it has 4.10 stars out of 147 ratings. 

1. Good tires on my vehicles. This year we invested in some good snow tires and I don't know if I would have made it to work some days if it wasn't for good tires.

2. My kindle. I have a whole library at my fingertips and they've been pre-picked so I'm bound to like them all.

3. My heater at work today.  The office was pretty nippy for the first part of the day.

4. This Shinedown song.

5. I have my health. Seeing all my friends and buddy's post about sickness in their families makes me feel quite fortunate that I haven't had anything serious this winter -- yet.  Watch, now I just jinxed myself.

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