Monday, January 6, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 6, 2014

I am happy to report that the new rooster seems to be fitting into the group. The boys went out to the coop today and came back with tales. Apparently the new rooster is now a ladies man and had no qualms about having an audience. I guess our "prettiest" hen was playing coy with him but wouldn't let him get anywhere.  Meanwhile, our "ugliest" hen was giving him the "eye." (those that have chickens know what I'm talking about).

Oh! While the boys were out in the coop, Elvis popped an egg out right in front of them.  I guess my son missed this little miracle by seconds.

Something we've noticed is that when one of the hens goes into the nesting box to lay an egg, another hen stays close by as if she is standing guard so the hen that is getting ready to lay can have her egg in safety and not worry about one of the others catching her in a vulnerable moment.  Kind of like a midwife. 

I'm not sure if this was right before Elvis laid her egg. DH commented that the girls were doubling up in the nesting boxes as if to keep each other warm, or watch over each other.  Elvis and White cheeks are the two "babies", i.e. banties and they sometimes stick together, when they aren't fighting like sisters. 

It was pretty bitter today.  We do have a heater in the coop so the chickens don't have to deal with the extreme cold.  They thanked us by giving us seven eggs today.  I said to my guy that I bet the rooster think he hit the jackpot because the coop he came from wasn't heated.  Now he's got heat, plenty of food, water and his very own harem.

In other weather news, it's still cold. Still in the negatives and there is no school tomorrow. My son is happy.  Me, I'm going to have to clock in remotely, and get some stuff taken care of at work. Next Monday is publishing day so not much time for "slacking" due to the weather.

1. I didn't have to go to work today. I don't believe this needs much of an explanation. :-)

2. I baked a cake today.  I haven't made a cake in months. My intent was to bring it into work tomorrow for my coworkers.  Coworkers are going to have to wait another day.

3. I watched this squirrel knock down my suet cake feeder and try to open it up. I was surprised to see him out there, for one thing. 


I outfoxed him though. I used a safety pin to lock the suet cake holder shut so the squirrels can't pop it open and take off with the whole thing. 


Mr. Squirrel was flipping the holder this way and that.  I know he got something from it, just not the whole thing. Which is fine with me.  I just need to figure out a way to keep them from popping the holder off the screw.

5. Those "bomb" things that have been making the rounds on facebook. Tonite we had hamburger bombs.  They are pretty tasty and easy to make. 

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dianne paulson said...

The squirrels seem to be struggling in this extreme cold weather. They are out in town too and seem desperate for food. I've been throwing out bread and they just devour as much as they can and drag whatever is left back to thier nest.