Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another at-home day

School's were closed again so I had another work-at-home day.

The sun came out and it helped everything *feel* warmer even though it was still way in the negatives.

Currently it is -6 degrees F with a -25 degree windchill.

For supper I made sloppy joes and homemade buns. I think this batch of buns was my best batch since I started making buns.  They came out perfect.  I let the dough balls sit and rise for a while in a warmed oven.

This evening I finally started one of the house projects that I've been meaning to do for a while.  I had some help from my guy.  As soon as the blog entry is posted I'm going to go put a second layer of mud on the wall spots that needed touch ups.

This past weekend I started a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket). It's not for me and I have no one in mind to give it to -- yet. I've wanted to make one of these forever though.  All garter and two seams and you got a baby sweater.  It's slow going so far because I'm doing a *lot* of counting.

Elvis is still sitting on her eggs. We did another candling tonite and we can definitely see blood vessels in two of the eggs.  One egg is too dark to see. Not sure if the shell is too dark or if a chick is so big we can't see through the shell.  The fourth egg we aren't sure what's going on. 

We are pretty sure we saw movement in one of the eggs. So cool! It really is amazing.

1. My son and I had a late breakfast of pancakes and syrup.  Mm-mm good :-)

2. Tomorrow we will go back to the "regular" routine. I'm sure my boss will be happy.

3. I found out today that we have used less propane this year than at this time last year.

4. My guy came home safe and sound and in one piece.  I worry when the weather is this cold.

5. My son vacuumed the hallway and bedrooms, then swept the kitchen floor without being asked. 

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Kelsbels said...

Ohhh...how exciting about the eggs! And can your boy teach my girls how to do stuff like that without being asked? My oldest informed me that she didn't know how to do dishes tonight. :/ Didn't stop me from making her do them though. :)