Monday, January 27, 2014

Envisioning myself on a warm beach

I'm picturing myself on a warm beach with the sun shining down on me.  It doesn't have to be hot, just 60 degrees F. or so.  Not too warm, not too cold. 


Currently it's -11 degrees F with a -27 degrees F real feel.

Yet another "bonus" work at home day. Schools closed all around us. I have a feeling schools will be closed tomorrow since tomorrow is supposed to be worse than today.

So *bleeping* tired of the cold.

Nothing terribly interesting happened today, unless you count my son running back to the house in a mild panic because he couldn't get the coop door closed all the way.  OR ... when Elvis decided to step off her eggs and let out one of the most rotten piles of poo I've ever had the privilege of smelling. Oh my word it was bad. 

Yes, that was the highlight of my day.  My chicken letting loose a broody poo.  *sigh*

*bleeping * cold.

So, in honor of thinking warm thoughts my daily 5 will be all warm things.  Some may be repeats, lol.

1. Warm puppy and kitteh bellies.

2. Rice packs.  My son found his old rice pack the other day and I warmed it up for him tonite.  He forgot how wonderful those are.

3. Curling up next to my guy under the blankets.  He's my very own heater :-)

4. Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream.

5. The perfect cup of tea. Oh wait!  There's a song!

Since I didn't go to work today I had myself a piece (or two) of my zuchinni cake.  It *is* good.

And now I'm going to plunk myself on the couch, grab my knitting and a cup of something warm, and call it good. 

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Kelsbels said...

I'm so over this cold too! And with this sugar detox, I can't even enjoy hot cocoa! Wish I liked tea...