Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 18, 2014 (the one where I'm tired)

Today we brought Elvis into the house and put her and her eggs in a safe spot.  Anytime you lift up the towel to take a peek, she growls.   But she's safe and doesn't have to worry about any of the other hens leaving new eggs when she jumps out of the nesting box to eat. She's now sitting on six large eggs. We estimate that this is about three days since she started sitting on the first ones.

We also went to Menards to take advantage of their 11 percent + 14 percent bag sale.  My DH and I decided that we *were* going to get a wood stove this year.  We used this sale to purchase a bunch of the needed items that either don't or seldom go on sale.  It was a very busy day and involved two trips to town.

And so this entry isn't completely pictureless ...

1. I drove the truck to town and didn't wind up in the ditch. *Always* a good thing

2. It's almost bedtime.  Dude, I am tired.

3. I finished my knitting project this a.m. I finished it up while watching "Land of the Lost" on Me-TV.

4. As silly as it is, I'm currently snuggled under the Mario blanket that my son got for Christmas.

5. My guy is feeling better.  Not 100 percent, but better. :-)

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