Sunday, January 12, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 12, 2014 (Lazy Sunday at home)

Today we had a lazy Sunday at home.  I love these days. I puttered around the house and did some mild baking.

Probably about a year ago I expressed a desire to do some sort of bake-along in my Betty Crocker bread machine book.  I never followed through.  Until today.  I opened up my book and flipped through and tried a new to me recipe.

I made the Smore's dinner rolls. The recipe is stuffed dinner rolls.  As I made the buns I had second thoughts about making them.  Turns out the rolls end up hollow and the marshmallows melt completely.  They are okay, but I wasn't really wowed by them.  My son likes them good enough.

And a couple popped open on the sides and and the filling leaked out. Meh. Not sure if I would make this recipe again.

When I was looking at the back yard I noticed a pair of squirrels were hitting the food pile.

I have a feeling that the one in the food dish was chasing the other squirrels away.  The one that is coming in looks a bit timid. 

This squirrel was probably thrilled to have a plethora of fruit, grains and cracked corn. 

Yup, looks like a happy squirrel.

The weather was very mild, but not much sun.  When I checked Facebook earlier local people were commenting on how icy the roads were. I'm guessing the highway would have been pretty treacherous if we had decided to go somewhere.

This evening I plunked myself down on the couch, turned on a Pink Panther movie and the most recent issue of PLY magazine. I walked myself through the long draw article and taught myself long draw.  I'm proud of myself. I did it!

Mostly long draw
I've tried long draw before and have never been successful.  Until now. I hope, that once I've got some more practice under my belt I can give supported spindling another go.

1. Spending some time this evening spinning.  When I haven't spun for a while I always forget how much I enjoy spinning.  I just wish it was a bit more portable. 

2. I watched  "The Pink Panther Strikes Again." I haven't watched it in about five years.  One of my favorite movies.

This is one of the best scenes.

3. The whole family laughing at "Total Drama," together.  Even though we've seen all the episodes about 20 times it's still funny to us.

4. Yummy oranges.  When you get a good one, it's SO good.

5. I got to hear Elvis make that little growling sound again when I went out to shut the coop light off.  No-Tailed Red tried to get into the same nesting box as Elvis and Elvis stood her ground and got to keep the nesting box.

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