Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 8, 2014 (back to work ...)

After a long weekend from work, thanks to the severe cold, my morning at work was not all that exciting.  Technology is failing us big time at work.  My coworker and I can receive email, but can't send it.  It's nuts. Since I am very dependent on email and internet to do my work I'm a bit dead in the water.  But, I have back up emails and back ups for the back ups.

There is supposed to be one more night of nasty wind chills.  On the way home I could watch the temp. drop on my thermostat. Warmer temps are on the way!

My guy went out to the coop this morning to take care of the girls and when he came back he told me that No-tailed Red must be jealous when the new rooster shows any attention to any of the other girls.  I guess No-tail was pecking the rooster this a.m. every time he looked at another hen.

I was telling someone at work about this and we were laughing at the silliness of a jealous chicken and I realized that I'm the person that is being described by the the gal in this video:

But you know what?  I'm okay with that. Chickens are *so* entertaining.  Much better than the "stories" on tv.

1. The roads are surprisingly clear despite all the cold weather and ice that formed over the weekend.  The road clean up people do a really great job on the highways I take to get to work. Go them!

2. Last night when we were watching 6Teen and it had a bit about country music, my son asked that since we live in the country do we need to listen to country?  I said no and that the only good country is old country. Case in point:

You can't go wrong with Johnny.

3. Pop Secret home style microwave popcorn.  MMMMm, so very, very yummy.  If you can't make stove top popcorn, this is the next best thing.  Possibly better. My son got a box of this stuff for Christmas and tonite I made myself a bag. 

4. I started a new knitting project last night and I'm halfway done.  The "Barley" hat from Tin Can knits. I'm using the same yarn that I made the fingerless mitts from.  Caron Simply soft in the Autumn rouge colorway.

My son's birthday is coming up soon.  My baby is going to be nine years old. I still remember the day. :-)


dianne paulson said...

I love the chicken video. Alot of truth to what she says.

Mali S. said...

Oh I was cracking up at the video because I can totally see myself being one of "those" people if I ever started! LOL

Popcorn sounds yummy!

Kelsbels said...

And it was NOT Mali leaving that message. It was me. Didn't realize she was signed in. This is why I hate not having my laptop. :(