Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A good day to stay off the roads

Today was my work at home day.  Good thing, I think.  I came across this truck on the way to my son's latchkey. 

Glad I'm not this dude
I'm guessing this person came up to the stop sign that I was at and either couldn't stop or did a 'go through' and took the turn too quickly.  There is like a 10 foot slope on the other side of that snow bank so I'm really surprised that the truck didn't roll.

Visibility was pretty crappy this morning so I'm sure the highway would have been a real treat to drive on.

It wasn't as cold as yesterday but the wind was pretty bitter.

My DH and I settled on a woodstove and ordered it at Menard*s today. It will come in about a week.

We ordered the Myriad woodstove. I think we are going to be very happy with this.

Spinning and knitting happened tonite. I finished the ounce of BFL I was spinning.

I'm giving the spin-one-ounce-at-a-time method a try. Seems not as daunting as spinning til the bobbin is full. 

I started another ballband dishcloth the other night.  Not much progress so far. 

Here's the cowl I finished this past weekend.  

Lionbrand yarn in the Tudor colorway
Needles: US 15

I really do like this pattern and it is SUCH a warm cowl. 

1. I wasn't the person that slid into the ditch this morning. That is an area I worry about, too.

2. It was warmer today than it was yesterday. I will be so happy when the temps stay cosistantly above zero degrees F. 

3. We tried candling one of the eggs Elvis is sitting on and I thought I saw a network of blood vessels. I may be just a tiny bit excited at this!

4. Laundry was caught up today.  I had to wash bedding and I thought it was going to take *forever* to dry. 

5. Explaining phrases and sayings to my son.  Today he was asking me about what a few meant. The only one that comes to mind right now is "Say it isn't so!"