Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily 5, 2015 (Now, with more plying)

Today was my first sanctioned work at home day.  It was great! I got to sit in an office and see the sun outside a window. My work office is down in a basement, so it's a big deal to be able to see the sun. I got to watch tv during my lunch and then go hang out with the chickens and clean out the coop.

Unfortunately my guy is still not feeling well.  He went to work this morning but came home after lunch and went straight to bed. :-(

I picked my son up early from latchkey and opted to not go to religious ed tonite.  It was supposed to start snowing and blowing and I just did not feel like dealing with it and head home in that after 7 p.m.

Instead, I spent the evening having a plying party. I two-plied some BFL that I've slowly been spinning.

I'm still getting the hang of getting a two-ply.  I'm used to chain-plying. I would like to wind up with enough yardage to make a sweater. So far I have 75 yards. I've got a *long* way to go.

My son and I spent the evening watching Total Drama World Tour.

Last night we had a pretty clear sky and I took a photo, in the hopes of getting a shot of the full moon.

It didn't turn out quite right but I think it's still a cool shot.

I think my little Elvis is broody, honest and truly.  She has been hanging out in the nesting box since yesterday even though there is no egg.  I pulled her out so she could enjoy some pumpkin I gave them.  She just sat there all fluffed out and then it was as if she shook herself out of a trance and took off for the food bucket. She ate for what seemed like five minutes, took a drink, then hopped back up into the nesting box.  I guess I don't mind if she really was laying on an egg.  I think she and Brewster would have cute babies :-)

1. Getting to work from home.  It was really great. And I got to enjoy the sun before the clouds moved in.

2. The last two days I've been able to drive the speed limit in the a.m. Ever since the snow and ice came I somehow wind up behind people that are driving 10-15 mph below the speed limit.

3. It's been a full week since we last watched Stoked.

4. My hand carders should be here tomorrow!

5. This news piece about the dog who's human passed away. Very touching.

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Kelsbels said...

Oh that video made me cry! I doubt my dogs are that loyal or smart, but I'd like to think they'd be! :)