Friday, January 3, 2014

Daily 5 , Jan. 3. 2014

1. It's Friday and the end of the work week. Granted, it hasn't been a full work week, but I get a chance to gear up for next week. Though next week won't be a full week either, On account of the wicked cold that is about to descend on us. If the governor decides to close all the schools in the state we will find out on Sunday.

2. I got some spinning done tonight. It's been several months since I took the spinning wheel for a drive. I had to blow dust off her. After reading the PLY article about learning long draw I'm eager to try. However, I need to clear a few bobbins first.

3. Watching Grimm tonight. Oh Grimm, how I've missed you.

4. On the way home my son told me a story about a prince Charlie who liked to look at himself in the mirror and was very vain and a war between people who thought he should be king and people who shouldn't be king. I guess he learned this in music class because there was a song that the peasants would sing. But if prince Charlie heard the peasants singing the song he would want to throw the people into the dungeon because he thought they were singing not nice things about him.

My son asked me if I knew this story. I have to admit that I've never heard of this one. He asked if I liked hearing stories. I said yes and he promised he would tell me another one as soon as he learned a story I didn't know, but that probably wouldn't happen until he was in fifth grade. :-)

5. The good selection of tea that stores have now versus four years ago. I started drinking tea again in an effort to cut out calories but I can't have caffeine right before bed so I've been drinking herbal stuff. It's not all good but it's nice having something warm to drink at night during the winter.

I have some other good news and some bad news. The good news is that I received an okay to work at home one day a week. Awesome.

The bad news is my Roo is sick. He's very listless and sleepy. I have a feeling he's got the same illness that the other girls had this past summer.  It's been all the chicks that we purchased from the local gal. I am betting that they had no inoculations and picked it up from a chicken on her farm.  I would be so happy if he got better but I think his days are numbered :-(. Everyone else in the coop looks good. Red was shrewing away like usual. The other girls were running around looking for treats.

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