Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 4, 2013

I have some sad news. My sweet little baby roo passed away last night. He was a good boy and will be missed. :-(

We have a lead on a potential new Roo.  Same guy that we bought the motley crew of big girls from. It may depend on the weather tomorrow and if the guy really does have an "extra rooster or two." 

But, you know, it won't quite be the same. 

Well, onward and upward I say.  Or something to that effect. 

The temps haven't been too terrible -- yet.  About 8 p.m. I checked the weather and they were in the negatives.  As of 9:29 p.m. it is -1 F with a -15 windchill.  

Okay, today's daily 5 ... 

1. The Christmas tree is down and it didn't take hours. As much as I enjoy seeing the tree up and lit it's nice having my view back. 

It's so much more pleasant when all you can see is green, green grass.

My view from the loveseat. You can just make out the sun as it's setting.
2. I started a new knitting project tonite. Susie's Reading Mitts. I have a pair of these already but I do love them.  They keep your hands nice and toasty.

Image from Nimblestix
Nice, yes?  I think they will knit up pretty quick. 

3. We have enough propane to last us through this current cold snap.  I checked today to see where we were at propane-wise.  Plenty.  The last severe cold snap I was mildly freaking out because we were at 20 percent when I called the order in and the truck didn't deliver until after the cold snap. Cause you know, the less you have the faster it goes, magically. True story.

4. There is a big pot of chili sitting on my stove.  Nothing like a nippy day to make you crave chili.  Chili is another thing that my DH makes well. 

5. Seeing my son walk out to the mail and wearing his dad's work coat. Kind of priceless.  It was *so* big on him.

Going to get the mail. I'm sure he felt pretty important wearing dad's coat.
He walked back to the house without the mail and said that he couldn't grab any of it because he couldn't pull the arms of the coat up and be able to pull the mail out of the mail box.  We joked and said his first trip out the mailbox was a recon mission.  We sent him back out in one of his coats. Much better. 

Heading back from the recon mission.
There was lots of glorious sun today. Last night we got about three inches of snow. Just enough to cover up the ice on the roads.


Mali S. said...

So sorry about the loss of your rooster. :(

Amnicon Studio said...

Thanks. I think the girls miss him, too. :-( Hopefully they will be nice to the new man of the coop.