Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 9, 2014

I am very happy to announce that the local temps was above zero today.  Woo HOOOOOO!

It felt downright balmy at 15 degrees at lunchtime today.

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  I was unable to take a photo of it because I had to move my car so someone else could turn their SUV into the parking lot that I was in. The Duluth News Tribune posted pics on their Facebook page.

Dawn over Lake Superior as seen from the ice-coated shore of Canal Park in Duluth this morning. Temperature was about 2 below zero at the time, on the way to a forecast high in the teens above zero today. (Andrew Krueger / ~ Image linked from their FB page ~
Isn't that stunning?

No chicken stories today.  Sorry :-(

Today was the birthday of someone who's been at my work forever.  As in 50 years before he retired a few years ago. A bunch of us went out to lunch to help him celebrate his birthday.

I also won the battle against technology at work. Well, not so much me as someone else. It was an email server problem that has plagued me for a couple weeks.  It stumped at least two IT people.  Someone from the IT firm was at my work today and he stopped by my office to see if he could do anything. Within five minutes he had the problem solved. 

1. The cold snap has broken! I'm eagerly waiting for the temps this weekend.  Upper 20s to low 30s.  It's a heat wave!!!

2. The sunset was almost as pretty as the sunrise today. I had to quick take the photos because the wind was blowing across the fields and parking lot and was bitter feeling.

Seems I can never take a photo in this area without getting the plow truck in the shot. 

I'm digging those oranges.
3. I'm watching 'Hogan's Hero's' with the family tonite.  I think my favorite character on there is Sergeant Shultz.  A man so friendly and likeable and bumbling and not cut out for his job.

4. The night time skies have been breathtaking the last few nights.  No clouds, lots of stars.  Truly awe-inspiring.

5. I am very close to being done with my hat.  I just need to get off the internet and complete it. :-)


Kelsbels said...

Gorgeous sky! And big yay to having the email issue resolved!

Amnicon Studio said...

I'm so thrilled :-)