Saturday, January 25, 2014

Playing homebody today

After my "late" night  I slept in til 7 a.m. My little man woke up about 8 a.m. and was pretty rosey-cheeked.  I thought he was coming down with something but after a few hours he seemed to be fine.

My DH ran to town to get some different tiles for us to try for the wood stove base.  Meanwhile I stayed home with my son and didn't leave the house -- at all. Why?  Cause it's COLD outside.

Though I will have to head out in just a little while to shut the light off out in the coop.

We also finished rearranging the living room and we are all quite pleased with the arrangement.  Now, to get the all the wood stove stuff taken care of.  But that is weekend projects.

I decided to use some of my home time to load of video of Elvis that I took Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

If any of the eggs are viable we could see hatchings as soon as a week from now. My DH did some reading tonite and discovered that the breed crosses that Elvis is, are the ones that tend towards broodiness.

1. The sun came out and was beautiful today.  Definitely took the edge off the fact that it was in the negatives all day.

2. I'm happy with the "official" final layout of the living room.

3. BLT's for supper. Mmmm :-)

4. Down comforters. They keep me toasty warm!

5. My hair is now long enough that I can braid it.

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Kelsbels said...

Awwww! Elvis is a good mommy!