Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to the grind

On the way in to latchkey this morning my son told me that if felt like Monday.  At the time I had to agree.  On the way home if felt like today was Thursday and tomorrow should be Friday.

I'm not going to lie, it felt a little weird being back in the office after 4 days not being there.

I also managed to goof up pre-meeting notes and send a 2013 media kit to someone who was interested in advertising.  Oops.

After dropping my son off at latchkey I snapped a couple photos of the sky because it had this pretty pink along the horizon. 

The snow bank is at least six feet tall.  I have to nose out onto the road *very carefully* to look for cars before pulling out all the way. 

I'm also branching out and trying new things in PS Elements. I'm liking what it did for the sky.

Today was also religious ed day. In the other classroom I could see two boys holding crucifixes and one of the boys decided that it made a good mock gun.  Oh boy!  I was a bit surprised that I didn't hear the teacher say something about it.

When my son left his class he handed me a mess of papers.  One of them was a drawing.

Mr. Stampy Cat.  I guess it's something from Minecraft.

While I was waiting for class to let out I worked on my Baby Surprise Jacket. Not much progress made so no new photos.  I forgot how mind numbing garter is. I'm already sort of wondering why I wanted to make one so bad. 

1. On Facebook one of my friends shared a Budweiser commercial and of course I watched it.  It was cute.  Then I went trolling on Youtube for past Budweiser commercials and came across a past favorite.  I laugh *everytime* I see it.

Whatever their marketing people get paid, they certainly earn it with the awesome commercials they put out.

2.  It got into the 20's F today.  It was great! What a heat wave!

3. This music video

I was reading a movie review about "The Dallas Buyers Club" and after a few clicks I found out Jared Lehto has a band. What rock have I been under?  Anywho, the music video is cool, I though.

4. I got my son's cupcakes ordered for school.  My boy is going to be 9 this weekend and so he gets to bring treats in on Friday.  I guess he will also have his name read during announcements Friday as well.

5. The drive home was uneventful and the roads were mostly empty.

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Kelsbels said...

I've never seen that donkey commercial! How cute! And you obviously don't read People magazine or else you'd know about Jared Leto's band. :)