Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daily 5, Jan. 19, 2014 (Do I need to keep saying "daily 5?" Hmmm)

Today the temps hit a high of 32.  Nice!  The only downer was that there was no sun.

DH and I have decided where the woodstove will go.  Now, we just need to decided which one to get.  He's been research and comparing.  I think it's down to two different models.

Artisan bread was made today.  I tried something different this time. I mixed the bread dough in a kettle and cooked the bread in the same kettle. It worked great. 

It's not as tall as I would have liked but I didn't dirty two dishes and that was what I was going for.

I'm still feeling a bit wore down and tired today but I managed to have myself a little ply party this evening. The plying head was still on my spinning wheel so I decided clear the bobbins off.  The fiber that I used to learn long draw with was chain-plied and I think it looks so soft and squishy.

I *think* this is some superwash fiber that I dyed using food coloring. I'm really impressed with how different the yarn is versus the way I've always spun.

There was a quite a bit of the BFL on a single bobbin.  I decided to try my hand at two-plying from a center pull ball.  I did a quick google search and came across "Leigh's Fiber Journal." I got a kick out of the fact that it looked like the she was using a Kromski Minstrel, same as me.

 When I tried the plying, it didn't work out quite as simple as she made it seem.  More practice is needed, but it was kind of a pita to do, so I'm not sure when I will try it again.

Once all the yarn was plied I noticed my brake band was fraying so I cut that off and my drive band and put a double drive band on. I haven't spun that way in a while so I thought I'd give that a whirl.

Now I have empty bobbins, nothing on the wheel and nothing on the needles or crochet hooks. Should I take a break before the knitting olympics?  Hmmmm.

Who's a good little mom?  Why it's Elvis.

We lifted the towel off to make sure she ate and drank something.  I should know better by now, but I didn't have the ipad with me to make a video.  She was absolutely precious with her eggs. She noses them and went to sit back on them very gingerly and was making all kinds of cooing sounds while she settled back down.  DH did notice that one egg had been rejected so I'm guessing she "knows" that one wasn't viable.

1. I got all my plying done. There is something about having empty bobbins that makes me want to spin like the wind.

2. The high temps for the day. That was really nice.  The furnace hardly ran.

3. My son got his hair cut today and he no longer looks like a street urchin. We got in and out of the hair cut place pretty quick.

4. I made myself a pretty decent herb pork chop for supper tonite.  The boys had fish.

5. I tried a new skill tonite and I didn't die. :-)

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Kelsbels said...

Yay to not dying! LOL Love that yarn!