Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quiet Sunday

It was a bit of a quiet and random day today.  Temps were colder, we *did* cut and split wood, but it was a quiet day.

My son had a birthday party to go to today and he enjoyed it.  It gave my guy and I some time to run to Menards and price some things out for replacing the shed that has been crushed like a soda can.

This will be a shorter than usual blog post. 

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. It was a beautiful and sunny day. Temps were down, but the brightness of the sun made up for some of it.

Since the sun was *so* bright, we were making crazy amounts of power with the solar panels. 
This readout says 925 watts but it was hitting close to 975 watts before this.  We couldn't get a photo of it.

2. My finger is feeling okay after getting smashed today.  It hurt bad enough that I cried a little bit.  It throbbed and ached for a while, but it's not broken.

3. How the babies fall asleep.  The snuggle up in groups or pass out with their beaks in the pine shavings. 


My guy took this photo, but didn't know that I can't fix the red from the bulb. There'd be a lot of more videos of the babies, but I hate having to pull the red light away and risking them getting chilled. 

We do take the babies out for a few minutes at a time, but they still can't be without a heat source for too long. This is their third week of life, if I remember my dates correctly.  They seem to be going through all the phases quicker than our first set of chicks.  

This is definitely Grandma P's baby.  And the feathers on the legs are getting a bit more pronounced. 


4. We jokingly call my car "Prius F150" or "Prius 150" and this past friday she kind of proved that point.  I hauled seven 2 x 4's from Menards to home. The guy at the gatehouse seemed really surprised that we got them to fit.  I'm sure he was scoffing when I first pulled up to go into the lumber yard.  I know people like to rag on Prius' but they can do a LOT one wouldn't think could be done.  Like hauling eight foot 2 x 4's

5.  Spring is less than a month away. I'm so tired of winter.

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