Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunshine on the homestead

It was my work at home day. It was a good day for it.  I took a walk around during my lunch hour and snapped a few shots (partly to prove that I *did* go outside).

The start of our wood pile. You can't see it, but there is a LOT more wood there than you can see.  With more to be added this weekend.

Our solar panels.  I ran the solar power almost all day. At one point we were capturing 600 watts of power.

Here's the sun. It was bright and beautiful.  Did I mention that the temps were nice too?  Temps hit the 20s today.

My guy worked near home today so I offered to make him lunch.  He decided that he'd like hamburgers so I set out to make hamburger buns. However, I had *just* enough flour.

I also set up my new phone.  Two words: Love it! I told a friend that I feel like I can do anything.

So I took my phone out to the coop and took a video of Brewster crowing. 

Elvis decided to teach the babies how to scratch.  And boy did she!  Pine shavings were flying this a.m. Then I saw one of the babies picking at the feed station then trying to scratch the purple plastic and look for food.  It was really adorable. What was *not* adorable was the pine shavings being thrown into the water dish.  The poor babies had no water when Elvis was done scratching.

It is religious ed nite so I took my son out for dinner before class.  We went to A & W and used a g.c. from my MIL.  (Thanks D! )

By the time we got to church my son was hyped up on sugar so he ran laps around the parish hall.

Some knitting was done today, but about an hour's worth of work. This a.m. when I picked up my shawl I realized that I wasn't actually done with the section that was giving me fits.  Tonite when I was knitting I realized that I was off one stitch on one side. Counted many, many times and opted to add a stitch.  Then I worked the next section and counted the stitches again and now I have one extra stitch.  That's when I decided I was done for the night. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Having lunch with my guy today

2. My new phone.  It made me very, very happy today.

3. The temps broke the 20s today.

4.  Seeing the baby chicks "scratch".

5. Showing my son his ultrasound pictures.  He forgets and then wants to see them every couple of years.  I get a kick out of seeing his expressions of looking at his own baby pictures.

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