Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blizzard ?

About that blizzard ...

This is pretty much what I woke up to this morning.  The sun came out for a while and I was beginning to doubt the whole blizzard. 

But then, about 11 a.m. it started snowing.

Then it switched to rain.  Then sleet. Then snow again. It never really blizzard snowed.  Schools *could* have been open.  I could have gone to work.  My guy could have gone to work. 

I'll be heading out in a bit to go to the coop to tuck the chickens in.  Last time my guy went out side we did have snow accumulation, but not as much as was predicted.  Early evening I checked the weather and it changed so that the majority of the snow is going to be overnight.  My son's school has already been cancelled for tomorrow.  He doesn't know yet. 

If all the snow does come over night my guy is going to have a heck of a time getting our driveway plowed and everything taken care of before going to work, if he has work tomorrow.  I'll have another work-at-home day. 

Yesterday our ATV trailer was delivered. Since today was a *bonus* home day my guy took advantage and put the trailer together and him and my son split some wood. They got a pretty good system down. 

My guy loaded the trailer and drove it into the garage, right next to the log splitter. 

Then it was a simple turnaround to grab the logs to put in the log splitter. 

When the log was split, my son grabbed the pieces and put them in the back of the truck.  Then the truck was driven over to the storage area and unloaded. Nice, eh?

At one point today I went out to the coop to check on the chickens and the coop was stinky. When the temps warmed up, the coop thawed out and all the pine shavings released their aroma.  I still haven't figured out no-scoop litter method.  So ... I clean it out when I can when the smell gets a bit ripe.

The chickens were very appreciative. It's been months since I was able to actually scoop out ALL the shavings.

This was Blackie taking a bath in the pine shavings.  She was in chicken heaven. 

Yes, I did get a video of her flapping around.

When I left to get another bale of shavings other chickens decided it was a good time to take a bath in the pine shavings too.  They were all covered in shavings.

Then they noticed that I had snow all over my boots.  What *is* it about chickens and snow?

My sweet Elvis is still at the bottom of the order.  Brewster is nice to her, but my poor girl has to run the gauntlet every time she goes for water or food.  She is still very light. Picking her up is like grabbing a bad of cotton balls.

Sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. my DH did some prep work and cleared some more space out in the front yard.  The snow piles in the front yard are waist high in some areas.

The babies are still doing great.  They nap a lot more and every once in a while I hear random cheeps come out of the tote.  A couple times when I look I see two of them facing off, which is quite amusing to see.  Little Blackie has figured out she can jump up on top of the food jar.  She's so naughty!  I had to move the food jar so she's not hitting the heater lamp. 

The little white/yellow one is getting a black feather on her back. I'm eager to see what her final coloring will be.

The gray one on the left, I'm pretty sure that's Grandma's baby. 

I'd love to get a photo of them sleeping, but they are such light sleepers that they wake up at the tiniest noise. 

My little Blackie, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be a roo. I know it's not a true indication, but Blackie has had a crest almost from birth.  It's very pronounced. 

A little bit of knitting was done today.  Not enough to show progress yet.  I was going to start the dishcloth for the swap I joined but I don't have the color I need. I can picture that little skein of dishcloth cotton but I don't remember using it.  As soon as I can drive to down I'll be hitting up walmart for that particular color.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Having the day with my boys

2. That I don't have a mullet. (Watching 6teen)

3.  Sleeping in just a bit today.

4. My guy did some rejiggering with the woodstove piping and we will be able to return some stuff. Yay!

5. Hearing the babies do their little "mock battles"

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