Monday, February 3, 2014

Wood delivery

This evening we got our load of wood.  **Squee**

The truck got to our house after dark so my photos aren't the clearest.  I wanted to mark the occasion. 

My guy measured the pile and it is 42 feet long, 5 feet high and 8.5 feet wide.  THAT is a lot of wood. We are going to be very busy cutting, splitting and piling it all. 

One of my friends posted on facebook that the Olympics start in three days.  Whoa! It's caught me off guard and I had to go dig in the stash for the yarn for my project. Took me a bit and I found yarn I forgot I had. 

I forgot just how pretty this yarn is. I've been holding onto this yarn and project for a while.  Can't wait to finally use the yarn.

I've got to get this wound by Thursday evening, I think. 

Still no babies yet.  Elvis is starting to act a bit different though.  I wonder if something is going to happen soon.  The eggs could hatch any day now. 

1. The wood came! It gives me such a feeling of security. 

2. I got to watch the sun rise this morning AND see the sun set this evening.  

3. Oranges.  I had one with my lunch and it was perfectly sweet and easy to peel. 

4. Coffee with cinnamon.  Surprisingly good. 

5. This commercial.  I saw it earlier today when I was listening to a music playlist on youtube.  What a great message. I didn't watch the super bowl.  But seeing this and then finding out that he was a player for the Seattle Seahawks.  Well. It was 10 kinds of awesomeness. You go guy!


Lola said...

And my cousin is on the athletic training team, so he gets to work with him! Lucky him.

Amnicon Studio said...

Cool! :-)