Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow, ... snow ... and more snow on the way

It snowed for most of the day. I left work a bit early because I got a weather advisory message that visibility would be poor. Today's snow is just the first of two bands that are supposed to go through the area this week.  I told my coworker this morning that I really hope we don't have another May blizzard this year. 

I could see fine, but the roads were a bit iffy.

I got lucky, not much traffic.

Trees were pretty. Almost looked like December. Not that I want it to be December again ...

I passed to people on snowmobiles.  They managed to catch up to me and pass me.

This morning I used my bread maker, on delay, to have bun dough ready for me when I got home.  Since my man got home earlier than me he reset it so that the dough was ready sooner. I'm definitely using the timer on the bread maker again.  That worked out slick.

The evening was spent watching the Olympics and working on my knitting.

Progress has been made.

It still looks like a blob but now there is interesting texture.

I am now up to 159 stitches across. It will finish at 355 stitches. 

It felt good to get some progress done on it.

And  you know I can't let this end with out a pic of the babies.

They are growing and thriving.  I hear them chasing each other and taking dust baths. 

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today
1. No negative temps today.  
2. Fun conversations with my coworker. 
3. Watching the Olympics and knitting -- oh and seeing Holcombe medal in two-man bobsled.
4. Fingerless mitts. 

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