Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blizzard aftermath

We had lots of sun today.  It was great.  It counteracted the colder temps and the wind.

Just after 7:30 a.m.
After some morning time to myself after my son woke me up we hauled more split wood.  My guy had to clear out a bunch of snow and I had to move a few things over a bit.  It was a "light" day

When my DH was looking for something he noticed something seemed wrong with the garden shed.

It's not good and we have a casualty from the blizzard. The roof on the garden shed is collapsed.  It's bad.

What makes it so much *better* is that there is three to four feet of snow all around it.  While the boys were stacking wood I tried shoveling off the roof. 

I'm too short to shovel off the roof and I couldn't haul of ladder over there.  I had the great idea to use my son's sled to stand on and shovel the snow off the roof.  It worked.  The sled spread my weight out over the snow and I was up high enough to shovel.

When I stood up on the sled and took a look I knew there is now way to salvage this.

It had a LOT of snow up there.  Even with my DH clearing off the roof before the blizzard, this still collapsed.  Not sure what caused it.

Unfortunately this shed is going to take precedence over the wood stove now as we do have some things in storage in there that need to be protected.

This was after getting about half the snow off the roof.  It was crushed like a soda can. 

What really stinks is that these sheds are not cheap.  My DH has already started pricing out what it will cost to build something to replace this.

After morning chores I puttered around the house and we went out to Old Country Buffet for supper and stuffed ourselves silly.

When we came home I went out and hung with the chickens for a bit.  Elvis was chilling on my arm for a little while.  It feels like she's gaining some weight, which makes me happy.

It was also a good egg day. 

I got some spinning in tonite.  I finished off a bobbin and now have two to ply the next time I sit down at the wheel. I practiced my longdraw a bit tonite.

More knitting happened once my spinning was done

I moved my shawl to a bigger circ so I could spread it out a bit when taking photos. Things are cranking along on it. I can't wait to see this finished and blocked.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. The babies have entered the ugly duckling phase.  They are now half feathers and half down.

2. This song, I haven't heard it in quite a while.  "Just Breath"

3. We collected a major amount of watts with the solar panels today.  More than 900 watts at times. 

4. The clean smell of oranges. 

5. Homemade hot chocolate. 

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Kelsbels said...

Oh no on the shed! I sure hope there isn't too much damage to the stuff inside. :(